How can we survive in this world full of chaos?

  • Do I blame someone for my mental illness or instability? Do I blame someone for my Anorexia? Yes! I blame myself.

When God created this world, he knew that humans will get very far, even to this point – the present. I think that, in the beginning, he just wanted to create and give life to a realm, in which peace, health, stability, kindness, happiness and positivity will dominate.

And even though he knew humanity would get to this dark point that we are in today, he still made us and he still takes care of each one of us and cherishes us. I truly believe in God and I am proud of this! If you don’t, then I want you to know that I really do respect you and your choice! Each one of us has the right to choose their own path and who they want to believe in. I choose God! He is my father!

Sometimes, when we are at our best, when we truly feel alive, in the hands of success, we forget of him and we do not pray to him anymore. And, we usually end up doing reckless things and then regret the chaos that we have created in our lives.

When we are at our lowest point in our lives, like I was a while ago, we end up praying to God and realize that he is the only one that can actually save us from our sins.

Or we can hate him for he’s done to us. We can put the blame on God every time we fail.

Do I blame someone for my mental illness or instability? Do I blame someone for my Anorexia? Yes! I blame myself. I cannot blame the Media for my disease, or parents or friends, or teachers. I blame myself, because I chose my own path and destiny. And I also chose recovery!

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I will never blame God, for he is my creator, my listener, my father! He is there! In his own realm and he carefully watches each one of us! He wants to see us happy and fulfilled!

I tend to believe that God really is happy when we learn to love ourselves, when we embrace our flaws, when we understand our illness and slowly cope with it or seek help and treatment.

I think that, when we accept ourselves, our mind, soul and body, God is really proud! ❤

So, fight, beautiful soul! God is really proud of you! ❤


Happiness – the key to survival!

We cannot allow our mental illnesses define who we are. They cannot take over ourselves, rule or dominate us. We cannot obey! We are strong, powerful, confident and we have hope!

Sometimes, we have no place to hide! No will to go on! Sometimes, our condition is taken to extremes! Sometimes, we can’t see the true faces or hear the voices of the ones that want to save us. – And we see them as monsters. Sometimes, we wake up from a nightmare and don’t even know what went wrong anymore. Sometimes, the thoughts of self-harm won’t go away and we beg them, on our knees, for forgiveness and just a little bit of happiness!


Happiness is the key to our survival!

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Faith! If you have faith in yourself, in your abilities and traits, faith that you can heal and you can achieve a better future, then you can do it! Each day is meant to make us grow and open our eyes in front of the future! Open our eyes and make us see the beautiful, angelic nature with its treasures. By having faith and a positive mind, accompanied by happy thoughts, actions and friendly smiles, happiness can be achieved. 🙂

Happiness is my goal in life!

We can get to it by loving our family, friends, even strangers, but most importantly, ourselves! ❤

WHO Am I? Just a simple person? A survivor?

Hello! I am Alexa! Just a simple girl who recovered from an Eating Disorder! An Anorexia Survivor. Let me tell you a little more about me.

First, I would like to say that I’m just a simple 16 year old high-school student, by the name of Alexandra. Now, you probably think that I’m boring. Well, there’s more to come. I am from Romania, Bucharest – a small, little country in Europe. I learned English on my own, so don’t expect it to be perfect.


I am a street dancer and a contemporary dancer. I like to mix these two genres together.  I have practiced dancing for more than 4 years and I’m still going strong. 🙂

I’m not going to tell you my height, weight, the color of my hair or eyes, because I believe that these details are not important. The most important thing about ourselves is the way we think, the way we act, our personality and behavior. We are not defined by our appearance, but by our own thinking. We are defined by our mind and judgement.

I’m shy, calm, relaxed, timid, quiet, friendly, ready to hit some good old books – on some days…But, most of the time, I’m fierce, confident, out-going, fiery, angry, determined, motivated, talkative, risky, pumped up. I can be the life of the party, or I can just listen and nod. I do not have more personalities, I swear! This is just who I am.

I decided to start this blog, in order to share my story, my thoughts and my memories. Sometimes, it is very bad just to keep quiet and hide your emotions. It is the best to let your feelings take a voice of their own and rock the stage! It is the best to write down how you feel, why do you feel like that and how can you understand what exactly you feel.

So, i stopped keeping quiet! I broke the silence! And now, i started writing.

Hello! I am Alexandra! Just a simple girl who recovered from an Eating Disorder! 🙂

Life, Psychology and Mental Illnesses

I sometimes ask myself : “What is the meaning of life?”

And, is there an answer to it? I still try to figure it out. After a journey of 16 years, in which darkness and happiness both collided, I came to a conclusion: “In life, you have to follow your passion and your dreams. Never let someone define you or your actions. You have the right to decide! You have the freedom! Never give up!”

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And that’s why I do what matters the most to me. I enjoy life and nature! And I enjoy Psychology. I study Psychology, because it is the mind that fascinates me the most! Our own way of thinking, our brain and its activity which is so different and astonishing. My favorite part is studying the human behavior and why we act in certain ways. And, in this blog I will also discuss the subject of mental illnesses. Why, you may ask?

Because, I  suffered from a lot of mental illnesses, but I hardly overcame them, in a long battle, which took almost 4 years of my life. And I still struggle, but I fight! Everyday I fight! I also want to help and to reach out for others! To help anyone struggling! We are all united and we must help each other with whatever we can do.

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Finally, I would like to say that my name is Alexandra, a simple 16 year old dreamer, who wants to change the world. I hope that you can slide into my world and enjoy its content! 🙂

Life really is beautiful and worth living!

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