Happiness – the key to survival!

We cannot allow our mental illnesses define who we are. They cannot take over ourselves, rule or dominate us. We cannot obey! We are strong, powerful, confident and we have hope!

Sometimes, we have no place to hide! No will to go on! Sometimes, our condition is taken to extremes! Sometimes, we can’t see the true faces or hear the voices of the ones that want to save us. – And we see them as monsters. Sometimes, we wake up from a nightmare and don’t even know what went wrong anymore. Sometimes, the thoughts of self-harm won’t go away and we beg them, on our knees, for forgiveness and just a little bit of happiness!


Happiness is the key to our survival!

clouds, grass, grassland

Faith! If you have faith in yourself, in your abilities and traits, faith that you can heal and you can achieve a better future, then you can do it! Each day is meant to make us grow and open our eyes in front of the future! Open our eyes and make us see the beautiful, angelic nature with its treasures. By having faith and a positive mind, accompanied by happy thoughts, actions and friendly smiles, happiness can be achieved. 🙂

Happiness is my goal in life!

We can get to it by loving our family, friends, even strangers, but most importantly, ourselves! ❤


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