Trust Issues

My fault is that I trust people too easily and fall for what they say too fast. My problem is that I consider some persons -“my friends”- too easily and fall for what their actions suggest. I’ve learnt that trust is hard to obtain. Very hard, actually. And I’ve learnt that if you talk to a person and you two get along, it doesn’t mean that you two are friends. If you laugh, smile, joke, go to parties, to an event, to the theatre together, it doesn’t mean that you have a friendship with that person.

I know, life is really hard and tough. But that’s how life is. That’s how reality is. You can only count on yourself. And you can only trust God, yourself, your parents and siblings. (in certain situations, not even siblings or parents can be trusted)

Now, let me tell you a little story. In this story, I trusted a girl from my acting class and I considered her my friend for a long time.

There was once a girl that seemed shy and sweet. I saw her in my acting class, talking to nobody. I wanted to make her feel more confident, so I went up to her and I started talking to her. Soon, I thought that we became friends. We were sharing our interests, our hobbies and common activities. But, after a while, that friend started changing, actually showing her true colors. She started acting weird, ignoring me, not listening to me, not paying attention to what I was saying to her. Later have I found out that she envyed me and wanted to be better than me at acting. After a while, that friend started skipping acting classes, she was going out with her friend and her brother all the time. She cut all the connections that she had with everyone from the acting class and stopped talking to me. One day, she told me that she wanted to give up the acting classes, that she hates everything she does there and that everything was a mistake. That she wants to quit! The next time I went to acting, everyone kept asking me what happened to that girl, if she is okay and if she’s still coming or not. What I did was to tell them the truth. I felt as if I had to tell it. So I told them that that girl wanted to quit. I know I shouldn’t have been the one to tell that. That was my mistake and I admit it. But I told the truth. Later, she found out what I said about her and then it all started going down. That girl started attacking me with messages, asking me why I talked about her against her back. She told me that I invented everything and that I only told lies, when I clearly have her messages on my phone when she told me she wanted to quit. I was afraid because she wanted to turn everyone against me at first, but then I realised that everyone knew who I was and what my principles were. I realised that everyone clearly knew my personality and her personality. And I am a person that hates lies and hates to talk people behind their backs. I still haven’t met with her since then, but the next time I see her, I will ignore her (just because I do not want to create trouble or drama) or I will tell her the truth right in front of her own eyes and ears.

If a person lies to you, breaks your trust, envies you – DO NOT let that person inside your life anymore! That person is toxic! Try to cut that person off your life. Believe me, I’ve tried to change such persons from my life before (for the better), but it just doesn’t work that way. You have to cut them off.

It is better to do that than to get your heart broken or be dragged down by that person in the near future.


6 thoughts on “Trust Issues

  1. Manessah B. says:

    It’s so sad when people do that. Good for you for knowing when to kick the negativity to the curb. You reached out out of kindness and she didn’t appreciate it. She just made room for others who will. Really awesome post!

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  2. Elena Odoviciuc says:

    Well,you know what they say: when a person exits your life,they’re leaving an empty space for someone who actually deserves to be there. I am sure you know that you’ll meet other people like her,which is just the way life works. I one point we all meet someone who’s going to force us to learn how to let go,right? Anyways,loved this post! I hope you’ll write more stories like this one and even stories with a happier ending:)

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  3. sammyboy46 says:

    I agree with being an individual that has trust issue. I have a very hard time trusting people , because sometimes you can’t rely on them, an sometimes people begin to say you are friends but you see the other side of them they start acting different and when they know that you are a different individual then they are you know that God will send you people that will have your back and they are your friend to the very end. So I truly agree with trust issue, because we are human and we as people face it all the time.


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